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Cover of the novel "One for Ahl" by H.H. Moss. Features an old yew tree, lit on one side against a black background. Over the top of the tree, a single pair of eyes with purple irises stare out at the reader.

When refugees from the war-torn country of Ahl face extreme discrimination, Jane is nominated to represent her people in Listuan's hero program, which trains a handful of idolized saviors for each generation. However, instead of bringing peace to the refugees, Jane is possessed by a demon of forgotten origins and targeted by a powerful abuser. Pulled into conflicts both ancient and young, Jane must fight for control and search for her purpose, all without understanding her past. 

One for Ahl is the first book of

“The Ahlian Chronicles”.

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Author Anthony Avina

This was a truly masterful fantasy world the author crafted. The world-building that went into making the world of Ahl and all its accompanying lands was breathtaking [...]


Author Jasper Alvarado

I don't believe I've ever written a review before today, but this book deserves one! Beautifully written world, with characters I came to love quickly. Wonderfully wide representation from both LGBT and mental health spectrums. I couldn't wait to keep reading, and can't wait for even more books! H H Moss has become my #1 favorite author!


Holly's Book Adventure

I really enjoyed this book! [...] I just wanna give Jane a hug! I loved her wit, and her resilience in the face of challenges.

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