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Character profile: Janea 1258 Artemisia, or Jane.

Updated: May 24, 2023

Welcome readers! Character profiles on this blog include information that isn't explicitly mentioned in the books. This is mainly because the world setting doesn't have names for diagnoses, or else I simply couldn't find a natural way to mention it. Regardless, these profiles were kept in mind during the writing process and is fully canon to the characters.

Jane (she/her) is one of the two main characters in One for Ahl and it's sequel, Fielle's Legacy. She's a refugee from Ahl and the only known survivor of its capital city, Fielle, though she has no memory of Fielle before the city's downfall.

She has brown skin and dark, ringlet curls. Unfortunately she never learned how to properly care for her curls as an adoptee, and struggles to manage her hair through "One for Ahl". Her eyes are dark green. She's the shortest of her group at 5'3" (160 cm) tall, but is muscular from years of training.

Throughout One for Ahl, Jane is struggling with the concepts of duty and self sacrifice. She has little control over her life, and is trapped in uncertainty until it very nearly kills her. Fielle's Legacy sees a sharp turn away from that trend after the events that close out the first book. She takes control, begins making decisions, and finds herself for who she truly is and wants to be. She loves her friends and chosen family above all else, and is willing to give everything to keep them safe.

Jane is, in a manner of speaking, high masking autistic (you'll have to read Fielle's Legacy when it comes out to know what I mean by that). This is important both to her decision making processes as well as her interactions with her adoptive mother, Lady Genivi Artemisia.

Jane is demi-romantic bisexual, and has had secretive relationships with maids through her teen years.

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