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What defines a Hero
in a world made for the monsters?

Official Site of "The Ahlian Chronicles"
by H.H. Moss

3-D model of a book, "One For Ahl", showing the front, back, and side covers. The cover art features an old yew tree half lit on a black background. Over the top of the tree, a pair of eyes with purple irises glow.

Now Available
for Purchase

Author Anthony Avina

This was a truly masterful fantasy world the author crafted. The world-building that went into making the world of Ahl and all its accompanying lands was breathtaking [...]

FIC009100 FICTION / Fantasy / Action & Adventure 

FIC068000 FICTION / LGBTQ+ / General 

FIC044000 FICTION / Women

female protagonist fantasy fiction, surviving abuse fiction, diverse characters fantasy fiction, LGBTQ+ fantasy fiction, transgender character fantasy fiction

Hannah Moss, One for Ahl, Fielle's Legacy, Ahlian Chronicles. New indie author, best seller

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